Sub-Contractor Standards

AW Homes has high quality sub contractor standards

AW Homes recognizes the importance of teamwork, relying on a trusted group of sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors who are all integral members of our team. Every sub-contractor or vendor relationship is carefully evaluated for quality, performance and reliability. We monitor performance regularly and the level of craftsmanship and quality must meet or exceed the standards set forth by AW Homes. To maintain AW standards of excellence we only use subcontractors that warranty their work. We have long-term relationships with all of those who are part of the AW family and that transcends into confidence for our customers.

Sub-contractor standards:

  • Reliability – All sub-contractors are measured on how they respond to our requests and most importantly our customer needs. Reliability means delivering as promised.
  • Timeliness – It is not enough to communicate time of completion but to meet communicated timelines. On-time completion is a major aspect of qualifying as a sub-contractor to work with AW.AW Homes has high standards for subcontractors
  • Consistency – We don’t like surprises and neither do our homeowners. Consistency in the quality of work is measured with each job.
  • Quality workmanship – Attention to detail, quality materials and careful implementation is essential and each sub-contractor is constantly reviewed for quality workmanship at every job site.
  • Experience – A minimum of 5 years experience is required in respective field of expertise
  • References – Every AW Homes contractor must have at least three reputable contractors they have worked for in past that we can verify their character, reliability and quality.
  • Licensing – All AW sub-contractors must have all up-to-date licensing as required by the state of North Carolina.
  • Crew size – Size is an important element of our sub-contractors. We want to make sure that each sub-contractor can scale to appropriate size so each job is completed properly, safely and on time.
  • “Clean-As-You-Go” Policy – we do not like messy job sites as we view the job site as a direct reflection on our attention to detail and the level of care we put into every AW home.  Every contractor must follow a “Clean-As-You-Go” policy so job site always represents the most optimal working conditions for all AW personnel and sub-contractors.