Planning For Your Electrical Walk Through

adminPlanning Your New Home

Building a custom new home puts your decision making skills to the test – What cabinets and countertops? What tile and floor coverings? Paint colors? Knowing what to plan for and planning ahead can help ease the process of new home construction. One thing we often see homeowners overlook is electrical planning. I’m not just talking about which rooms will … Read More

Designing Your Custom Bathroom

adminPlanning Your New Home

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the house and from a buying/selling perspective, they are big factors that can impact a buyers decision, (aside from location and general size specifications, of course).  Many homeowners put just as much emphasis on bathroom design and functionality as they do the kitchen. So if you’re designing and building … Read More

Sunrooms: A Home Building Trend Coming Back in Style?

adminPlanning Your New Home

A sunroom is one of the most versatile living spaces in a home. They can be used as sitting rooms, green rooms, offices, and even exercise rooms. They also have tremendous health benefits and can help increase your home’s value. Sunrooms have been around for decades, but with our growing dependence on technology they could be coming back in big … Read More

Tips for Designing Your New Custom Kitchen

adminPlanning Your New Home

Long gone are the days of small, one room kitchens at the back of the house. Today many people consider their kitchen to be the heart of their home. It’s one of the most highly trafficked rooms and often where friends and family tend to gather. As “the heart” and one of the most functional rooms equipped with big appliances, … Read More

The Great Outdoors: Making Use of Your Outdoor Square Footage

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The backyard has long been under utilized square footage (and in many cases an undervalued part of the home). It wasn’t until recent years that we started seeing more homeowners recognize the hidden treasure that lies beyond their back door. Today we receive more requests from our clients for outdoor features that enhance outdoor living spaces and square footage than … Read More

Holiday Home Care & Safety Tips

adminHome Care Tips

Christmas time is here! Put up the tree, hang the stockings and the lights! With all of the fun and excitement around the holidays it can be easy to forget proper home care and safety precautions, and to overlook potential holiday hazards. Here are a few holiday home care & safety tips to help ensure you and your home are … Read More

Placing the Most Important Rooms In Your Home

adminPlanning Your New Home

Where is the best place for the kitchen? Laundry Room? Garage? These are just a few of the top controversial spaces in your home. Where they fit best is a personal decision for every homeowner to make. But here are a few things to consider when designing the layout of your custom new home:   The Kitchen: It’s always full … Read More

6 Tips for Making New Home Construction Less Stressful

adminPlanning Your New Home

The idea of building a new house — an exciting vision and a simple answer for most people at first. They can imagine their new home in their minds: the bedrooms and baths, the look of the kitchen and main living areas, the outdoor living spaces… it seems like they have every detail completely planned out. However, once you get … Read More

Mass Produced Homes: What You Should Be Aware Of

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As in any industry, there is always a balance between quality and production. The faster you build a house, the more you can build, the more you can sell and the more money you make. But mass produced homes often come at a cost – and that is quality. Quality of materials, quality of workmanship, quality of supervision and reliability. … Read More